Frequently Asked Questions

Prospective Students

Why should I join EAOP if I am not sure I want to go to a UC?

It’s true, EAOP can help you become a competitive UC applicant, but it also can help you become a competitive applicant for other colleges at the same time. In fact, if you meet the UC eligibility requirements then you are also eligible to apply for most colleges and universities across the country. For example, someone who is UC eligible qualifies for all Cal States and community colleges.

However, private colleges have their own requirements that may or may not be different from the UC. You must research the schools on your own. The great thing is that being in EAOP can’t hurt you. No matter what schools you plan on ultimately applying to, being in EAOP will help you on your journey to the college of your choice.

What makes me eligible for EAOP?

Both GPA and math level achievement are considered when we look for possible EAOP students.

• 10th graders must have at least a 3.0 GPA and be in Geometry or higher.

• 11th graders must have at least a 3.3 GPA and be in Algebra II or higher.

If you meet these requirements and attend one of UCI’s partnership schools, but you have not been asked to be a part of EAOP, contact your school’s EAOP Coordinator. To see if your school is one of our partnership schools click here

How will I receive information from or about EAOP?

Your Regional or UCI Student Representative usually announces future presentations and events by sending you flyers and/or letters either through the mail or to one of your classes at school. Also, there is a UCI student representative – your EAOP student coordinator – that sometimes calls you out of class to give you more information and individualized attention. Your school’s EAOP student coordinator is usually located in the counseling office or college/career center.

I missed my Regional Coordinator’s presentation. What did s/he talk about?

Each presentation has a different topic. One presentation may be about the UC personal insight questions while another may be about the courses your school offers that meet the A-G requirements. All of the presentations are important and informative (otherwise we wouldn’t present them to you, duh!). You really don’t want to miss one. But if you happen to be one of those lamentable souls who has the misfortune of missing one of our exciting and enlightening presentations you can always ask your school’s EAOP student coordinator who is usually located in the counseling office or college/career center.

My EAOP Student Coordinator called me out of class but I didn’t go. What did s/he want?

Your student coordinator is your friend, not your enemy. There really is no reason not to see him/her. Your student coordinator is your direct link to the university – TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THAT! This EAOP representative is a current UCI student, so if you have any questions about college, s/he can give you first-hand info. Their whole job is to talk to students and make sure they are informed and on the right track.

Your student coordinator probably called you out of class just to see how you’re doing in your courses or with the college application process. S/he can look over your UC application and even proofread your personal insight questions. Also, if you missed a presentation s/he can help make sure you get all the information.  

I know somebody that once participated in an EAOP summer program. When do summer applications come out?

More information about summer programs can be found by visiting the Summer Programs tab.